Bright Design offers turnkey solutions to companies making consumer and industrial products by combining the best of American design coupled with low cost manufacturing.  We use an exclusive process which includes product design, engineering, prototyping, specifying, sampling and production ramp-up. Our best practices include designing products with as few parts as possible, choosing environmentally friendly materials, multiple functionalities, and forcing design decisions early to minimize costly changes later in the process. We have managed the development process effectively on literally thousands of new products and have a decades long track record of success and excellence.

  • Product Development – Prototyping
  • Consumer Research – Trends Research
  • Material – Color –  Evaluation
  • Licensed Properties Evaluation
  • Packaging Design & Testing
  • Product Specification & Quality Assurance Plans Documents
  • Testing Regulations and Protocol
  • Supplier Qualification and Management

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Come visit our Product Studio in Prospect, Kentucky and learn how we can bring your product idea from concept through mass production using our proven management processes. All of the desired benefits, features and functions about a product are documented into a final, hot sheet of the very best materials, features & manufacture-ability for your specific item. From creating CAD files to complete Product Specification and a formal Quality Plan our teams of product developers, engineers, quality specialists and merchandisers will lead you through the process & document every step of the way!  From creating CAD files to complete Product Specification and a formal Quality Plan, we cover all the bases so you have no surprises later.     

  • Concept Development –  Product Design
  • Product Realization – Product Specs
  • Product Engineering-Testing Protocols
  • Material – Construction Standards
  • Appearance – Performance Standards
  • Safety Evaluation
  • Supplier Qualification
  • Product Specifications
  • Complete Quality Assurance Plans
  • Packaging Design & Printing


We use hand sculpting, 3D printing, wood and machine shop tools and multiple other rapid prototyping techniques to create one-of-a-kind (or small run) product development prototype samples.

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Our Product Studio originated as the creative group of Bright of America®  and its divisions including Church Graphics, Greenbrier Studio, Lincoln House, all established in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s and which grew into Bright Design.  The company brought together a top notch product design and development, prototyping, R&D, and photography graphics studio to West Virginia including many talented creative designers.  Originally, a graphic arts manufacturer, Bright of America’s growth led to the establishment of global manufacturing resources to diversify the product line and remain cost competitive developing a reliable network of proven manufacturing partner facilities delivering a diverse range of product categories and industries. Today, we offer the same turnkey product solutions to companies to effectively manage consumer, institutional and industrial product life cycles from “cradle to grave” bringing together the best in American Design & Global Manufacturing.

Whether you are developing your first new product or adding to your existing product line, you can trust our years of experience in diverse product lines to add value and develop the best possible product to meet your design, manufacturing and marketing goals.

product development workshop


For a no obligation Product Assessment Report for your new or existing products please complete our contact form or call us at 502-228-8881.